In light COVID-19, our studio events and free Saturday programming unfortunately are temporarily postponed.
We are currently delivering our content and classes online to ensure that all children continue to have equal access and opportunities to continue to engage in educational hands-on activities. Science, ingenuity, and creativity can still be found everywhere around us. We aim to continue our mission during these challenging times, so that kids can continue to discover the beauty of the world around them. Our goal is to create a sense of normalcy, and aid in maintaining positive mental health. To achieve this, we are reinventing  our  projects and turning them into instructional videos. The at home hands-on activities we have created require very little materials, a lot of creativity, are educational, and fun. Sign up below to stay updated about events and online programming.
Everybody stay safe, stay positive and above all stay healthy!
Theresa Emmett.
Executive Director of Fouryouth Productions
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