4youth Productions is a non-profit organization that fosters the development of high-risk youth through educational programs offered to schools and local agencies. We are founded and intensely supported by established professionals in the advertising, photography and scientific industries. This professional support enables us to achieve great visual and academic results with our students.

In our cross- curriculum programs we use a hands on approach to combine photography, sci- ence and culinary classes. We support our students not only academically but also financially. The artwork produced during our classes is offered for sale. The vast majority of the profits made from these sales go towards a college fund for partici- pating students. It is through art and science that we strive to inspire our students in making the right choices. We stimulate their creativity, build their confidence and unleash their individual potential through the classes we teach.

Our visual approach in teaching our programs often results in photography artwork. This is an educational, fun and aesthetically pleasing way to capture the curiosity of our students. By pointing out the common elements between photography, science and cooking we achieve a very positive outcome with our students. Our classes vastly improve their skill set while unleashing their creativity. Our programs offer comprehensive education with  a very artistic twist.

Art4youth teaches photography and  various stages of professional photography production.

Besides basic and advanced camera and lighting operation, our students will be introduced to art direction, post-production and design. Students are closely guided by our professionals to reach their highest potential and museum-quality artwork.

Science4youth classes expand on the importance and beauty of everyday and advanced science.

Students will be exposed to advanced levels of biology, chemistry, neuroscience and physics. Our classes give our students a renewed appreciation of the ‘grand design’ of the universe illuminating their understanding of the world they live in.

Cooking4youth teaches culinary arts and introduces the students to new cultures.

We do not require the use of a stove or oven, so we can teach in a classroom setting. We teach nutrition, food science, mathematics, following directions and self-sufficiency. The students learn to prepare various recipes from around the world.

The Art4youth program teaches a wide variety of aspects of photography and digital art. After teaching our students the basic camera fundaments we give our students insight into the various stages of professional production such as design, art direction, post production and printing.

Our students get acquainted with a wide variety of the artistic professions and crafts associated with advertising, introducing them to career options they otherwise might not have even considered. Art4youth effectively also functions as a talent scout. If we find a dedicated student with raw talent we will direct our efforts towards landing this student an internship at one of our professional connections.


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operated in the upper echelon of adverting, photography and marketing for many years. Kari currently applies her knowledge and her contacts to help promote the 4youth cause.

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